our work

This is a collection of projects we have completed or are on-going kinds of things. We're proud of all the work we have done and unless you are seeing this right after we updated it (rare, because we spend more time working on other people websites than our own) than chances are there are some things we have done that aren't on here yet. 


Senior living Guide 

Mainly a web design project, we built a digital version of a book. The main part of this project was building a digital directory with over 600 listings. Additionally, we worked together with our client to create a digital revenue stream through her new site. 


the movement factory

This project is all about strengthening the brand of The Movement Factory. We were able to have monthly content shoots, growing social following, lend growth-focused advice, and shoot creative videos that haven't been done in the Cleveland-area before. 


nellie taft 

As the co-owner of Nellie Taft, we took this company from $0 in sales to over $40K in less than 6 months. We did it buy building a user-friendly e-commerce site, mastering instagram marketing, and using email as a direct revenue stream. 


west creek conservancy

Working with an organization that is committed to making Cleveland a better place has been a joy. We have been able to capture photos and videos that lead to the success of West Creek's initiatives. Graphic design, aerial photography, and video campaign creation have been the highlights of our working with West Creek. 



We've partnered with Dante Boccuzzi to strengthen and grow his personal brand through an entertaining and fun web video series. Our focus is on increasing social following and engagement across youtube, facebook and instagram. We also provide his team with growth consultation sessions in order to understand social platforms and to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing marketing environment.