Dante Boccuzzi Dining Group

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The dante - Video series 

We love working with people that see value in video and Dante Boccuzzi is one that is not afraid of the camera. In this series "The Dante" plays a rock-and-roll influenced character demonstrating his favorite recipes. This campaign is used to create buzz around the chef, increasing his personal brand as well as a platform of exposure for his restaurants. 

Ginko - Social content and video series 

Ginko is a Dante Boccuzzi marvel, the sushi restaurant takes you to Japan as soon as you walk in the door.  We are able to create content surround the art of making sushi and it can be seen through both pictures and videos.  By highlighting some of the individuals who make Ginko what it is, we're able to take people through the journey and art of making sushi. 


EVENT and food photography

During Dante's private events, Taste of Tremont, and when in need of portfolio pictures, we're able to capture the essence of the brand in still photography.