West Creek Conservancy 

West Creek Conservancy is a non-profit in Cleveland  that focuses on protecting local natural areas, streams, and waterways right here in our community. They are reclaiming vacant urban lands and restoring streams, wetlands, woods and natural habitats.  And they are establishing trails and greenways to link people and neighborhoods not only to these special places, but to each other as well. Other than whole heartedly believing in their mission (ahem, the WATER creative), we love helping them advance their initivitaes for the greater good of our home.


photo collateral

West Creek has to constantly updated their board members, donors, and community with what is going on and what the latest progress in. We help them do it in a visually-pleasing way. We take pictures and video to illustrate the good that West Creek is doing. As you might know, most people in this world are visual and we make sure the visuals coming out of West Creek tell a story. 

In addition to the photo you see on the left, we are able to use aerial photography to help West Creek paint a picture of the projects they are taking on and the progress. From a birds eye view, it's easier to see progress being made in a landscape.



West Creek has a number of events throughout the year. The Creatures in the Forest 5K is just one of them that helps them fundraise as well as bring the community together. We created a series of videos surrounding the fictional character, Sasquatch, to bring humor and fun to the event. In addition, we designed the print collateral for the event and the cartoon design of Sasquatch himself. 

education and informational videos 

While that title might sound boring, it's up to us to make these videos fun and get people to actually WANT to watch. The good thing is that a lot of people, especially lately, do care about the enviroment, where it is headed and the quality and sustainability of our water.