The Movement Factory 

The Movement Factory is a pilates, workout, and dance studio located in Lakewood, Ohio. We worked with owner Alyssa Lee Wilmot to grow the business through on-brand content and growth strategy. From video content to stay-on-track meetings, we work with TMF on a daily basis to make sure the right things are happening to continue growth through digital platforms.


Monthly Content Shoots

Once of the main things we do with The Movement Factory is our monthly content shoots. Once a month, we spend a big chunk of time at the studio capturing all different kinds of content. The content we gather is mostly pre-planned but some of it just comes as we go. Then we head back to our studio and edit the heck out of it. Once we're done, we use it across all different kinds of platforms. It's used mainly on Instagram and Facebook but you'll also see it on YouTube and in the TMF weekly newsletters. It allows Alyssa to never have to worry about having a picture or video to post when she needs or wants one. We store everything in her content back and she just goes and grabs the one she needs. We are alllllll about efficiency. 

Short form video content

We make all kinds of video content for The Movement Factory. Here you'll see a short and sweet video that we used as paid social collateral to drive wedding dance clients to the business. In addition to this promo video, we make quick dance and pilates videos, and announcement videos to give the behind behind the studio more of a personality to those who haven't met them before. 

Brand video

We make real-deal, breathing take story telling videos. Alyssa wanted some airy and light that showed her heart behind building a studio that made people feel comfortable whenever they arrived. Creating the video took one day of interviewing and a few weeks of various b-roll shoots.