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Nic Paoletta, Owner

Whether it's making a video, drawing on paper, or flying a drone - Nic always has to be moving. After getting an early start in the video production world, he finished up getting a business degree, and decided working for himself was the only option he really wanted to consider. Now he spends his all his time with either a camera or a basketball in his hands. Literally. 

Unknown Fact: His hair is longer than Annie's
Favorite Podcast: Road Trippin' with Channing & RJ
Biggest weakness: Responding to emails.

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Annie Lempke, Owner

Answering emails, scheduling shoots, and making websites is where Annie thrives. She's happiest when things are organized and running according to plan -- something she learned hardly exists in the world of small business. After a political science degree, a few years in the corporate marketing world, and starting a successful ecommerce business, she decided to do it again with The Water Creative. Now she can be found reading a book, planning her and Nic's next trip, or watching whatever NBA game is on. 

Favorite player: Lol. Lebron. 
Favorite day of the week: Saturday. 
Biggest weakness:  Getting mad when Nic doesn't respond to emails.

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